Airbrushing with Createx Candy2o colors on a flat surface: motorcycle project

For those of you who want to read through the process, methodology and materials we used- here we go!
Before we started working on the motorcycle outline, we laid down a layer of aluminum coarse base (Createx 4103). This was sprayed across the whole panel as the first layer, and if you notice- we used it to serve as an outer frame for the entire finished picture. Also, any time you are using candy colors you want to make sure that always lay down a priming layer of the aluminum coat- this is because the aluminum helps bring out the transculent, pearly depth and color that we associate with candy paints.
After laying down the priming layer of the aluminum coarse base, it was time to begin outlining the motorcycle figure! We switched over to a black paint to begin outlining the shape of the motorcycle on the canvas and begin mapping our work. This wasn’t a literal stencil outline but more along the lines of filling in all the white space and playing with shadows to begin creating the etching of the motorcycle. Once we had a rough motorcycle skeleton, we started on the exhausted pipes. We masked them off with tape and sprayed with a different type of metallic paint (Wicked Platinum W352 by Createx Colors) so it would stand out more from the flatter, aluminum coarse background. We really wanted to get the shine of the pipes perfect, bringing that sense of realism and making it pop.
After that Jean went back to the regular black paint to finish mapping and detailing the rest of the motorcycle body– the reflection of the operator on the pipes, calipers, bolts and all other important shapes. As we got into all these more specific details, we masked off the pipes to keep the work we finished isolated. This is where the picture started coming to life as we started adding the specific candy colors in as needed. building up the colors on the motorcycle body, the blue hues on the pipes displaying the light reflection, etc.
Something important to note when using Createx Candy2o paints is to make sure you mix it with the 4030 intercoat (50/50 mix or more, as needed). The reason why this is necessary is to achieve the candy texture of the paint, there is a relationship between the way the 4030 intercoat and the candy color paints interact to create that depth that we all know when you see a candy paint job. Without the intercoat you won’t get this texture or depth.
Lastly, you will see a lot of technical skills and maneuvers that Jean uses to create amazing effects that help bring the motorcycle to life. Some of this technique includes scratching with a hobby blade and using a sandpaper sponge to make sharp, defined lines or even blending.

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  1. What kind of art board are you using for this type of work and also are you prepping the art board prior to painting that allows you to paint and then mask over the paint without pulling any of the paint lose from the art board.

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