January, 19 is coming! - ChromaAir Airbrush Studio

January, 19 is coming!

Our Grand Opening event in next week! Make sure you’re adjusting plans so you cans top by. We expect fun combination of artistic people from all different fields: scale-modelers, fishing lures, fine art, 3D printing, realism, surf boards and more! Bring your own projects completed with an airbrush use for a chance to win some prizes!

5 Fun Things You Didn’t Know You Could Airbrush

Who here has thought about airbrushing before and said to themselves, “hmm that’d be cool but it looks too complicated and I don’t know anything about art”? If that sounds familiar, then this is the perfect post for you. We’re going to show you 5 fun things you can airbrush without being artsy-fartsy! These are fun projects that you can bring your ideas to life with and let your creativity flow.

The only ‘rules’, per say, are being conscious of the materials you are airbrushing and which paints you will need in order to get the desired results, but we will go into specifics based on the item as we go.

So let’s get into it!

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Badger, Paasche, Harder & Steenbeck, GSI Creos- What is the difference?!

We decided to draw a comparison between some popular brushes on the market which we seem to be getting a lot of questions about. At the end of the day, as I’m sure you have already heard a million times…it all depends on what you need out of the brush. There isn’t one brush that fits all, but with that being said… How does each of these brushes perform individually? How do you know which brush is right for your needs? This is exactly what we dive into with this comparison, check out what we found.      Badger, Paasche, Harder & Steenbeck, GSI Creos- What is the difference?! - ChromaAir Airbrush Studio Continue Reading