It will start with our Intro to Airbrushing day, in which you will learn all the basics of airbrush operation and trigger control- your next lesson will combine this knowledge into a more structured piece of work, much like the sample pieces you see on this page. The purpose of this workshop will be to teach you the techniques and approaches to monochromatic illustrations, focusing on manipulating shadows and highlights. You will learn the basics of scratching technique (used on synthetic scratchable paper), using masks and creating volume effect by multi-layer approach.

We will provide you with all required equipment and media. You will have access to a premium-quality airbrush, superior water-based paints, a special synthetic paper which allows you to practice scratching and erasing technique, and everything else needed to complete this course. Bring only your enthusiasm and some snacks!

  • We will begin with simple shapes, such as balls and conesBase Course - Monochrome - ChromaAir Airbrush Studio
    • taking what you learned in the Intro to Airbrushing class a step further, without getting overly technical.
  • Not only will you be working on a more advanced piece but this workshop will show you the range that you can achieve with just one color
    • as you move to more advanced works and full-color pieces, using gradients is pivotal in achieving depth and detail for any realist work
    • you will have a better understanding of the process behind airbrushing full-color images and how important layering is in achieving the final product.
  • During the course of this workshop, we will complete 4-5 works total, including few quick fun artworks which will teach you how to create a piece of art with an airbrush in less than an hour!
    • Each project increasing in technical proficiency
    • After the ball and cone, we will work on illustrating a turtle on a synthetic paper using airbrush, eraser and blade.
    • The final work will be one of the following (you can choose): portrait, human hands, or iguana

Base Course - Monochrome - ChromaAir Airbrush StudioOur workshops are a little different than most airbrushing courses offered- we are extremely flexible with the times you can come in to complete the course. We do recommend finishing the course in one set time period so that the lessons and skills you learn stay top of mind and you are able to make a habit out of them while you are here and practicing.

At the same time, we understand that your time is a valuable commodity that is not always expendable so we offer the option to come in and log time in the studio at your leisure. The length of this course is 45 hours, in coordination with completing the course material that is assigned. You may come and go as your schedule allows but sessions will need to be 3 hours or longer when you decide to come in.

You will receive one on one attention from our professional instructor as he floats around the studio from student to student. He will pick up with you where you left off, give you a refresher and brief you on what you will be working on that day.

This class can be passed in as little as 6 committed days, or 15 staggered days if that’s what it takes- but you will only have one month to complete the workshop, so keep that in mind!