Here at Chroma Air we can teach you everything you need, and want, to know about the art of airbrushing. From how to properly use and maintain an airbrush, up to the skills necessary for photorealism, painting large murals, or even an automobile. We want our students to succeed, and have a great time doing such.

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Intro To Airbrushing

Introducing beginners to the fundamentals of how to work an airbrush and all the gear you will need along the way. Teaching you the bare essentials to getting started on your first piece of work- you won’t need ANY previous knowledge coming into this class, we will show you the ropes!

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Monochrome - Base Course

After you’ve tackled the basic skills outlined in our Intro to Airbrushing class, such as brush strokes and trigger control- your next lesson will combine this knowledge into a more structured piece of work, much like the sample pieces you see on this page. The purpose of this workshop will be to teach you the techniques and approaches to monochromatic illustrations, focusing on manipulating shadows and highlights.


Gerald Mendez Airbrush Fantasy Art

In this workshop Gerald will focus on sharing with students for 3 days different techniques, special effects and secrets learned in over 25 years of professional experience as an airbrush artist.




Jeff Chamberlain: Halloween Special shoes and leather

Two-day Halloween workshop with Airbrush Artist Jeff Chamberlain on shoes and leather.

A two-day crash course on painting leather – teaches the proper techniques, best materials to use, the chemistry involved in making the art permanent, and how to reach customers.

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Dru Blair Airbrush Workshop: Textures

One of the most experienced and talented airbrush artists Dru Blair will be teaching at Chroma Air Studio! Starting with simulated fire, this workshop explores many different effects you can create with the airbrush combined with a few household items. This workshop includes Fur, steel, cloth, tree bark, and real stone, to name a few.


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Fluorescent Iguana 2-day workshop for beginners 

The Fluorescent Iguana workshop is a great class for beginners in airbrushing. Practice the fundamental skills like control lines, all sizes of dots, gradients and working with stencils on an art project is the main goal.