Gerald Mendez at ChromaAir studio (2019).

We were hosting Gerald Mendez airbrush fantasy workshop at our Studio and we are excited to share with you our experience!

Gerald represents a few decades of airbrushing experience, incredible artistic talent, and fun personality.

Students listened carefully and learned a lot of major aspects, as well as little tricks of fantasy airbrushing.

2 full days of enjoyment and learning started by a warming-up on a small project. A miniature of Frankenstein.

And followed by the main course – a dragon lady – truly a magical and mystic image.

During the few short breaks, everyone was able to enjoy a significant art gallery which Gerald managed to bring with him.

Some of the most known artworks by Gerald Mendez, all original. Even a large 4-piece frame was put together. Highly appreciated by our Studio, magnificent project on ground metal.

It was featured as a cover for Airbrush Step-by-Step Magazine the same month, but unfortunately you can’t see the whole depth and theatrical play of the colors when the image is printed. That makes us very lucky to observe the original artwork in person!

Chad from SprayGunner even stopped by for an interview in front of it.

Another famous piece – the Frankenstein was taking outside to see the magical vibrations of the color under the Florida sun. Both artworks made with Createx Candy2O water-based paints – here is a great example of the right product met with the right artist.

We even found time for some sports, if you may call it so…

Another piece of art done by some genius jeweler is Gerald’s neckless which is a micro airbrush made of gold. Not spraying paint of course, but it does have a functional trigger and moving needle inside, as well as removable parts, just like a normal airbrush

We were glad to see there is something to learn from us too – some high quality but at the same time affordable equipment which Gerald tested and approved. For high detail work – GSI Creos PS770 airbrush. For heavy spraying – GREX Tritium TG7.

And even tested PS770 airbrush with NO-NAME micro compressor (battery-powered). This combination of equipment made a special impression on Gerald so he ended up owning both items.

After the class, we were honored to receive a special gift from Gerald Mendez – an artwork on our ChromaAir Studio Wall.

This amazing angel was done in about an hour time using Createx Illustration colors and GSI Creos PS770 airbrush.

We decided to respond with a gift of artwork as well and since we’re in Florida, our choice was a seashell painted by our youngest artist.

We thank Gerald Mendez for visiting us and look forward to hosting his future events at ChromaAir Art Studio!

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