Intro to Airbrushing

One Day Class: Introducing beginners to the fundamentals of how to work an airbrush and all the gear you will need along the way. Teaching you the bare essentials to getting started on your first piece of work- you won’t need ANY previous knowledge coming into this class, we will show you the ropes!

You are welcome to bring your own airbrush if you have one and would like us to help you get familiar with it. If you don’t have one, we will provide you with a high-quality airbrush for this day training. Paints and other art supplies will be provided as well!

What you can expect:

  • Lots of theory behind the process
    • the airbrush- inside and out structure, maintenance (upkeep and how to assemble/disassemble), knowledge about various internal parts (needles, nozzles, air caps), etc
    • paints – when to use which paints, matching paints with proper needle sizes, how/when to use a reducer, primer, finishing products such as Gloss Coats to protect your work!
    • tools frequently used when airbrushing- masking tape, stencils, cutting knives, sandpaper/sponges, eraser pencil, etc
  • Practicing simple strokes and control over the brush aka “triggering”Intro to Airbrushing - ChromaAir Airbrush Studio
    • learning how to brush clean and straight lines
    • layering even coats
    • understanding the dynamic between paint release and trigger control on the airbrush
    • getting a feeling for the optimal distance between canvas and airbrush for better strokes
  • Moving into finer details, such as dagger lines and gradients
    • these will be more technical combinations of trigger control and learn about the difference distance of the airbrush from the canvas can make in your strokes

By the end of the Intro to Airbrushing day, you will have all the foundational knowledge and technical skills to begin working on your first piece! This introductory class is the perfect segway into one of our more focused workshop courses and will allow you to jump right in.

We recommend our beginners always start with this course so that you can make the most out of the more focused workshops and follow along with ease.

This introduction will be a one day class and will run for 8 hours.