Harder & Steenbeck Infinity Solo


  • .15mm Self-Centering Nozzle/Needle
  • Double Action Control
  • Gravity Feed 2ml Cup
  • PTFE Seals (Solvent-Proof)
  • Quick Fix with Numbered Dial
  • Cut Out Handle
  • Plastic Storage Case

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Harder & Steenbeck Infinity Solo

This precision made German airbrush is an extremely flexible piece of equipment made for the pros. The Infinity Solo comes with a .15mm Self-Centering Nozzle/Needle that will allow you to spray extremely fine lines, and when the job calls for a larger spray pattern, pull the airbrush back from the surface and open up on the trigger to get a consistent spray pattern of around 1 inch. The Infinity Series of airbrushes from Harder & Steenbeck all come standard with PTFE (Solvent-Proof) Seals meaning they can handle the “tough stuff”; built to perform – built to last. Other notable features include the Numbered Dial Quick Fix allowing for easy, precise adjustment of paint flow; Cut-Out Handle to save on weight and improve ergonomics (this airbrush feels great in the hand!); Ease of cleaning. The Infinity Series airbrushes also have the ability to switch from a .15mm to a .2mm, .4mm, or .6mm allowing you the ultimate flexibility from a single airbrush.

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in
Nozzle/Needle Size:

.15mm Self-Centering

Paint Cup:

Gravity Feed 2ml – no cap


Double Action


Quick fix with numbered dial to easily and precisely restrict flow of paint, PTFE Seals (Solvent-Proof)


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